Tue May 18 2021

Why forming groups is important when working with preschoolers

written by Vanessa Serrao

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

When you are working with an older age group it is a good idea to get yourself into the habit of forming groups with your preschool class. This is most beneficial for when you go outside. Groups makes it easier for educators as each teacher will be assigned a number of students and then they will be responsible for those children. Groups are also effective when doing activities in the classroom and during breakfast, lunch or snack time. Now, let’s go into more detail about the benefits of groups.

Makes it easier for educators

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

When you are working with preschoolers forming groups makes it so much easier on educators. For example, what do you think is easier; having 3 teachers and 21 students going into the hallway to get dressed for outside or having 3 groups of 7. So the first group would go into the hallway, get dressed and then go outside and then the second group would follow and then the third.

This allows for more organization, less chaos and it makes it easier for the educators. As well, you will do the same thing when you go back inside. Each educator is responsible for their group of children and of course making sure to always do multiple headcounts.

Allows for a smoother day and makes it more fun

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

Another thing you can also do is have your group sit at a specific table during lunch time. If your classroom has three tables then this will work perfectly. This is also good as some students usually want to sit with their best friends. So, by separating students that are best friends with others this allows students to engage with other friends.

As well, separating a student that you know is going to be silly with another student is also why groups are effective. After a certain amount of time the children will become familiar with their groups. What you can also do is make a creative name for each group. For example, the mindful monkeys or the silly snakes. This makes it a more fun experience for the children.

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