Wed May 05 2021

Two new product features from the KidGenius App

written by Vanessa Serrao

While KidGenius is still new and up and coming it is coming along with some great new features. The KidGenius daycare management software was created to make your life as a childcare business owner or early childhood educator much easier. With childcare softwares, you can say goodbye to old fashion ways and welcome new technological revolutions. The best part about childcare softwares is that even if your not tech-savvy you will still be able to use childcare apps as they are very easy to navigate and use. They are so simple that even a preschool/kindergarten child can pick up on how to use them to certain extents. So, let’s take a look at some new features that KidGenius has brought to its app.

Multi-location and access control

Just like how fashion is never finished this also applies to daycare software management. Having the capability to add new features makes this so beneficial for its users. A new feature that KidGenius has added is multi-location and access control.

You can effortlessly switch between locations by clicking on the dropdown on the top nav bar with the location name. Granular access control, as well as staff access across multiple locations, is now coming to KidGenius. This feature is great as you can give access to either staff or admin, and you can also deny access.

This is beneficial if you only want certain people to gain access to this feature. As well, it also showcases how you can have everything in one place. You can easily click on your daycare with ease and if you are a new daycare that is joining KidGenius you can add a new location from the drop-down menu.


We are happy to announce the new enrollments feature in KidGenius. A place where you can manage the lifecycle of a child in your daycare from interested, toured, waitlist, enrolled, etc., Enrollments can be retrieved from the left menu. You will be able to see that each child has a new field status, enrollment type, enrollment date and enrollment days. This is important as some children only attend childcare centers part-time (two to three days a week).

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