Tue Jun 30 2020

Top 10 reasons to take your daycare business online


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Being a daycare owner is a rewarding, special, and unique job, but it can be challenging at times! Needing to be on top of your game at all times, the organization is key. One fantastic way to always be prepared for anything and everything is by taking your business online.

Here are the top ten reasons you may want to consider Kid Genius, an easy to use program that thinks for you!

  1. Attendance

Always know who is in your building, on any given day, including staff!

  1. Quick Contact Reference

Need to call home? Don’t fumble around with paper and files-simply click on the child’s contact link and make a quick call or email.

  1. Know Who’s Where

Always know where each child is by viewing each room and quickly seeing that child’s face and name inside it from a bird’s eye view.

  1. View Medical Alerts

Kid Genius offers a safe way to make serving lunch and snacks a breeze. With this feature, even the newest employees can see a medical alert to make sure they always understand a child’s unique needs.

  1. Quick Check-In/Out Info

A child has left the building. Click on the check out button, so you have an accurate headcount, perfect for fire drills and location for parents.

  1. Send Announcements

Forgot to send home a flier? Go paperless with Kid Genius’ easy, automatic announcement bulletin board. Parents can check it as they like or get instant notifications sent to them.

  1. Allows for Archiving

If parents have a question about absolutely anything, Kid Genius keeps track of all daily events and archives them for you so pulling up everything a parent needs to know is hassle-free!

  1. Post Pictures

Never forget a name again. This cool business app allows you to photograph each child so staff and yourself can always place a name with a face (especially if the child is new to your building).

  1. Instant Messaging

If you want to keep your business strictly business, you don’t need to put the parents’ numbers on your personal phone. When you take your business online, you have the ability to send them an instant message within the app, without giving out your personal info!

  1. No Papers!

The best part about taking your business online is that you can go paperless. Not only is it an environmentally conscious choice, but it keeps everything you need organized, it doesn’t take up space, and all hands on deck can access the app!

If you’ve done things the traditional way for a long time, it may be time to consider something new to amp up your business game and organizational methods. Kid Genius does not disappoint. Try a demo account today!

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