Tue Jan 05 2021

How to have the right financial mindset for your daycare business? - 5 ways a childcare management software can help you

written by Ermelinda Maglione

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According to Lena Elkins (a business and marketing coach), a money mindset means getting rid of all limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking powerful action and view the world with an opportunistic lens instead. Whether you own a daycare center or any other type of business, having a positive mindset regarding money will help it flow steadily through time.

As a childcare center owner or manager, we are sure that you love the essence of what you do: teaching children, taking care of them during the first years of their lives, playing games with them, and so on. However, the truth is that a daycare is a business, and the ultimate goal is to make money.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to have a positive relationship with money. Learn to appreciate it instead of resenting it. No, just visualizing money will not make it magically appear in front of you. Still, if you believe that money is a bad thing to have in large quantities, that it leads to bad things, then it will probably not come to you.

We know that we sound a little mystic here, but the truth is that if you resent money, your mindset is that you do not want it. So, what can you do to change this?

4 tips for changing the ways you feel about money

  1. Surround yourself with positive people

How often are you feeling happy, and then you encounter someone who is very pessimistic, and all your happiness goes away in a moment? The same happens with money. The best way to attract money into your life is by surrounding yourself with people who already have positive feelings about it.

Elkins says that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This means that you will naturally adopt the qualities of those who surround you. You will see how you can change your perspective about money and throw away limiting beliefs.

2. Repeat positive affirmations daily

Find affirmations you can repeat daily to help you get re-aligned with your money-oriented goals. Every now and then, we need some inspiration in our lives, or we need to remind ourselves that we do deserve money, and it does not mean that we are greedy.

You can find great affirmations online and keep them in your bathroom mirror, car dashboard, wallet, phone screen, etc. Read them out loud daily, multiple times, and don’t stop until you believe them.

3. No more negative language

People spend A LOT of time complaining every day. It is easy to bond with others, and it is a way to receive instant gratification.

One of the things people complain the most about is money. However, if you are constantly complaining about not having enough money in your life, you are merely immersing yourself in negative thoughts, self-victimizing, and preventing yourself from taking action.

Therefore, eliminate all negative language from your vocabulary and replace it with positiveness. You will see how you attract positive things into your life.

4. Find the right mentors

Who are you taking advice from? Please take a moment and think about it. Is it your parents, your partner, your co-workers? Perhaps they are not the best people that can advise you on money-related topics.

Try to seek advice from others that have already achieved what you want to accomplish yourself. Spend time with them and get inspiration from their lives.


How can childcare management software help you achieve your financial goals?

Being a daycare owner means that there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You need to ensure that everything is running as it should and that the clients are happy, that your staff enjoys their job, that the bills are paid, and that every single detail is pointing in the right direction. It is A LOT to handle.

On top of that, you need to keep new clients coming in and take care of your personal needs too. Childcare management software can help make your life easier.

Daycare centers that rely on cloud-based software can keep their everyday tasks organized, therefore having maximum control over everything that is going on inside their business. This will translate into more time available to improve the childcare center, analyze, make positive changes, and activities that help bring more business.

For instance, KidGenius can help you manage:

  • Attendance
  • Generate reports
  • Make notifications through a digital bulletin board
  • Keep track of meals, naps, diaper changes, and more
  • Message parents with just a few clicks

Since we know that you are ready to start making more money and running a successful business, we invite you to try out KidGenius demo version on our website or start our 30-day free trial today!

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