Tue Mar 09 2021

How to become comfortable using a daycare software if you’re not tech-savvy

written by Vanessa Serrao

So, you’re the owner of a daycare, and you're considering purchasing a childcare software app, but you’re apprehensive because you’re not considered someone who is tech-savvy. There’s no need to stress as childcare software apps are for the most part easy to navigate. You shouldn’t shy away from something just because you are unfamiliar with it. Be open to doing something that is out of your comfort zone.

Software apps usually have online support

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The great thing about software apps is that if you are having any issues or questions you can get online support. Most software will have the luxury of being able to message instantly with a live chat if you have any questions or concerns.

As well, this is a good chance to become more tech-savvy if this is something that isn’t a strength for you. Using a free live demo will also help you become more comfortable navigating the app and if you have any issues you can ask questions before you actually use it while you are working.

Talk to your co-worker or boss

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Communication is very important in any workplace. If you feel like using a daycare software is something that isn’t your strong suit express that to your coworker or boss. In a classroom, there are usually 1-3 educators working together. Everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses when working in a classroom.

If one person is better suited to use the software app then that person should handle using it. Usually, the lead teacher in a classroom is the one responsible for lesson planning and if the software includes and your center has purchased that feature, the lead teacher can be responsible for utilizing it. You can talk with your co-teacher designate roles. While the co-teacher should still be familiar with the software app and how to navigate it you can have them be in charge of attendance or inputting what the child ate.

Also, you can talk to your boss, and they will train you on how to use the software app, so then you will feel more comfortable using it. It is probably a good idea that your boss provides training to all the staff on how to use the software. It is important to feel confident in using the app so that you can communicate with parents and have more time to focus on other things and be organized. Being able to complete all your tasks on one platform, so your day will run more smoothly.

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