Wed Jul 01 2020

Going Digital in a Changing World



How You Can Update Your Daycare in an Instant!

The month of March in 2020 will always be a time that lives in infamy around the world. Surely to be a story that kids will grow up and tell their own kids about, it's hard to believe we are living during a worldwide shutdown due to Covid-19. Millions of people stayed home to raise their families and keep safe to protect their health and others' well-being. Slowly, as the world starts to come back to life and work can resume again, things will look much different.

As a daycare owner, now more than ever is the time to invest and learn about online management to assist with various Covid restrictions! Here are some reasons why moving entirely online can help you during these trying times.


As a daycare owner, you want to monitor attendance carefully. It allows you to review your enrollment daily and touch base at home when a child is absent to check on them. It also helps keep track of drop-ins, part-time, and full-time enrollment to make sure parents are being charged accordingly. You have all your ducks in a row if and when the state monitors your attendance.

When you have attendance online, you can view all children on one page, rather than flipping through multiple charts and put yourself at risk of contamination or even losing these essential records.


If you have adjusted hours, need to make announcements about masks, new sanitizing procedures, or even drop off or pick up changes, you don't have to post gaudy signs or worry about making phone calls. When you move your facility entirely online, there is only one place for parents to look. It requires you to make one post, saving you tons of time and allowing you to keep records of all announcements on a virtual bulletin board style set up.

This can also be helpful when being monitored by the state to show them that parents are being kept in the loop of all changes and updates so they can be in the know and abide by any standards set forth. Compliance and cooperation are key.


We make it easy to communicate directly with parents over text messages without giving out your personal phone number! When you have an in-app messenger set up, you not only can quickly contact parents, but they can contact you. This generates a message history that can be saved and placed into an electronic file, easy to pull out at any time and reference.

If a child or parent becomes ill or has special orders from a physician, or even if they need to make changes to permission forms, a messaging feature will save you tons of time and plenty of paper.

Daily Reports and Progress Reports

Suppose you need to send reports to the state to demonstrate how your center is equipped to deal with mandatory guidelines and procedures. In that case, you can generate a daily report of how your center is operating.

Other staff members can access the system, in addition to yourself, allowing for an "all hands on deck approach." You can also do this for parents to show them how often hand washing breaks occur, when your child is moved from one room to another, and approximately how many children they're grouped with at any given time. You can even outline how the handling of food takes place and input personal notes about a child if they need to be seen by a physician or need supplies.

KidGenius is an easy way to manage a daycare. It has several features that cover each of the areas above and allow for paper-less contact. While you may disagree with the policies and procedures put into place, it's important to operate the most organized and safest business possible that puts your employees and children's health and well-being first.

Life is hard right now, but running your business shouldn't be. Give this affordable and easy-to-use app a try to keep yourself cool, calm, and collected during these Covid days.

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