Sat Oct 31 2020

5 reasons why parent apps work for your daycare business


parent app

Parent apps are a great way to engage with parents and provide real-time updates on what their child is doing at the daycare center. It is also an excellent way to make the relationship between childcare centers and parents more meaningful and closer.

Therefore, if you are running a daycare, you will want to know how you can help your business grow with a parents' childcare app. Here are five reasons why a parent app works for any daycare business:

  1. Easy payments

Some childcare apps offer the ability to view account balances and make payments directly from their smartphone or tablet. It is an excellent tool for daycare management because some have the feature to send push notifications when an invoice is issued, making it easier to get paid sooner rather than later.

Parents can take advantage of features like these. They can access their accounts on their smartphones and make payments while waiting in line for coffee or watching their children play soccer practice.

2. Better communication

Parent apps help achieve better communication between parents and daycare staff members. If they need to message the daycare center about something, they can do it easily with a few clicks from their phone.

The same goes for daycares. If they have to contact the parents or one, in particular, all they have to do is send them a message that they'll receive on their app. This way, you also avoid giving out your phone number if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

3. Staying connected

Not everyone has internet access at home or even at work. Whether it is for low income or another reason, some people can only access the internet from their mobile phones. Because of this, a daycare management app designed especially for communicating with parents is an excellent option for communication and staying connected at all times.

4. Helping parents with their FOMO

As their children grow, parents will find it easier to send them off to school every day. However, when they start to go to preschool or daycare, they will probably be experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out). A parent app will help parents feel less anxiety about what their child is doing and if anything special occurred during the day.

KidGenius Parents, for example, is designed to stay in touch with parents throughout the day. They can access a summary of the daily activities and even see their child's pictures when the daycare staff uploads them.

5. Push notifications

People are getting more used every day to receiving push notifications about things they haven't even requested. The weather, a new version of one of the apps on their phones, a new video that someone has uploaded on YouTube, etc. This has caused us to expect to be notified this way for important events, and the same goes for a daycare app.

Parents will find it evident for their daycare to notify them of important events or send them messages through push notifications. This is possible with a parent app.

At KidGenius, we know that parents live busy lives and, at the same time, want to be notified of everything related to their children while they are at the daycare center. Because of this and because we want to make both parents' and daycares' lives easier, we have developed KidGenius Parents.

KidGenius Parents app will only work for parents with providers that use KidGenius Childcare Software. It is available for download for Android and iOS. Download it on your smartphone today!

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