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10 reasons why daycares should use a childcare management software

written by Vanessa Serrao

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Using software apps has become a revolutionary technology for many businesses and one of these is daycares. Having the capability to use an app to input important information in order for parents to see how their child's day is going while they are at daycare is significant.

So, let's take a look and get into some significant reasons why daycares should be using a childcare management software if they aren't already.

  1. It allows ECE's to communicate with parents.

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One of the main roles of being an ECE is having to converse and communicate with the parents of the children. It is important to communicate with parents if there are any questions you have as well as addressing any concerns to the parent.

Well, a major upside to having a daycare software app at your daycare is that ECE’s can message parents. In addition, parents can message the educator to notify say if their child is sick. It is beneficial to be able to converse with parents during the time that their child is at daycare. Lastly, you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to tell the parent’s information.

  1. The app can be a part of your branding strategy.

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When running a daycare it is important to brand yourself properly in order to get yourself out there. A way that you can better brand yourself is by letting people know you use a daycare software app.

This is something that can give you more of a competitive edge and get you more children. Parents having the capability to communicate with educators and see how their child’s day is going is a big upside. As well, some daycare apps provide resources for parents and these can be quite helpful.

  1. The quality of your program will be improved

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A child care management software program is a modern technology that is highly cherished by many early childhood educators. Whether you are the one running the daycare, after-school program, or early learning center, you should consider looking into using a software app.

It will require you to look at your own needs and pick the proper software for your own program and search for one that is affordable. Having a software program also shows that as a business you want to improve and grow and meet the needs of everyone such as children, parents, and staff.

As well, improving your program with a software management will show you are accustomed to changing and modernizing the ways things are done.

  1. Improves time management

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One major benefit to using a child care management system software program is slicing away all the time-consuming tasks along with the paper to pen wastes.

By merging all the items you would require in your classroom such as binders, and whiteboards, you are condensing and the daycare centers daily requirements into one location.

In addition, you will have all the information about each child organized and compiled into one place. This makes it so much easier for the ECE in order to view what each child’s daily routine is. The best part is that you can provide parents with this information as well.

  1. Makes Parents feel more at ease

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Using a childcare management software means you are giving families the luxury of being able to communicate with their child’s educator. Parents will be nervous when their child is first starting daycare.

They are leaving their child for several hours, so they want to feel good knowing their child is being cared for in the best way possible. Being able to outline how their child’s day went and what they did will allow parents to feel more connected to their child.

They won’t spend time worrying about their child because they know that their child is safe, and being nurtured well. As well, they will be able to see how their child is excelling, developing, and achieving developmental milestones.

  1. Allows staff to be more productive

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If you’re planning and tracking activities by paper, this will require a lot of flipping through binders and rummaging through papers. By having an online activity planner and tracker at your child care center, compiling and accessing information will be so much faster.

You will be able to view it on a tablet that you can carry around with you even in the outdoors. Digital activity tracking can also be categorized which makes it more organized.

You can organize it by child, the particular classroom, a specific developmental domain, and more. By having online records it becomes so much easier to search for important things. This means you save time for other staff at the centre since they won't have to search for this information.

Early childhood educators are always busy interacting with children, as well as documenting observations in the moment so that developmental milestones can be documented.

So, when it comes to documenting things like what the child ate and how much, diapering, playground check documentation, cleaning duties like sanitizing were completed and documented, educators have to catch up with writing down this information during nap time or after all the children have left.

The issue with this is if it isn’t written down right away the reporting may not always be 100% accurate as you may forget how much the child ate and how they felt during an activity and more. With a software app the accuracy can be improved in terms of reporting. You can make an observation instantly and don’t have to worry about forgetting things.

  1. Staff will have more time to spend with children

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It is so important for educators to connect with children and engage with them. But at times this can be a struggle when there are papers to be filled out during the day. It can be hard to get this done when your focus and attention has to be on watching and documenting children.

As well, it is important that children’s needs are always being met, so we want to nurture them by attending to their emotions and well-being. By having a childcare app this will save you time, so you can focus more of your attention on the children and still get important information documented such as attendance and other information related to the child’s day.

  1. It will strengthen the home and school connection

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By having a childcare management software parents will be able to feel more connected to their child’s development and can also communicate with their child’s educator better. In addition, they can see what activities they are doing with their children and what their interests are so that they can replicate these at home.

When the parent sees that the child has become comfortable at the center this will make them feel satisfied that their child is in good hands. Using an app to communicate online with families and to keep them up-to-date (versus a bag full of papers). Evidently, this will be a hit with parents. There’s an app for just about everything today, and child care fits in perfectly with that.

  1. Gain more insights into child development for parents

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On the parent side, they too will have an extensive report of their child’s day-to-day history, which can be useful and effective. Families mind it helpful to have a digital record of feedings and naps to look back on.

This will allow going back and see why something happened on a certain way and to make adjustments. For example, a child may be able to eat more solid foods or remembering what foods they don’t like so there can be alternatives.

This record can even help doctors in pinpointing concerns, as parents are able to show food logs at the doctor’s to examine what may be causing a child to feel ill. When a parent then knows what food is causing the issue the parent can notify the early childhood educator.

  1. You won’t waste as much paper

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The great thing about using a childcare software is that you don’t waste as much paper having to write and document every down. You can document all the information in one place.

You don’t have to be constantly printing things like attendance sheets as you can sign children in and out on the app. Let’s not forget that wasting less paper is also better for the environment. You can transform your old paper forms into a seamless online experience. Let’s face it, paper records are not accessible to multiple people in different locations.

But, when it comes to digital systems they are accessible to multiple users in separate locations. For example, some apps may allow you to track a child’s arrival. So, if one parent drops off their child the other parent can view what time the child was dropped off.

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